... to WordPress family

WordPress development team, to ease your life


... to WordPress family

WordPress development team, to ease your life

Custom Solution

Do you need a custom solution for your website? We are here to help you about it. Drop as a word, describe your problem, and we will reply you as soon as possible.

Need Specific Plugin?

Your web site require specific feature? Pop us a question, and we might be able to design plugin for you.

Build a Website

No matter you are a large company or small business, you need webshop or portfolio website we can build it for you. Present your presence in a unique way on the internet.

“Thanks guys for assistance, I appreciate your help. Definitely recommended.”


“Finally my theme works as it should be. You saved me from further frustration. Time efficient. Thanks!”




We are web developers dedicated to developing web space on WordPress platform. These are a standard set of services we provide:

Plugin Development


None of existing solutions fit your needs? We might help you with that. Enrich your website with specific and unique feature. All you need is to describe your problem, and let us know how possible solution would look like. If applicable, we’ll deliver a solution to you in the form of a standard WordPress plugin.
Support, documentation and installation are included.

Online Store


We can build a web online store for and set it up for you. Import products or create a new one, just pop up with a question.

WP Database Migration


Once installed, WordPress is bound to current URL and integral paths, therefore it’s very tricky to move it on a different domain or server. All logical and absolute connections are stored in the database, thus, any wrong doing will damage database beyond any repair causing complete data loss.
After a preliminary check of source and destination environment, we can help you safely migrate your WP database.

Website Building


Do you need a website? We can build you one at the affordable price, with a unique outlook designed for your needs.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your wishes.

Your WordPress Theme Need a Tweak


You found great theme and get familiar with it, fill it with content, but, still something is missing. Applying a new theme can be stressful and time consuming for you, and your content can seem weird.
Do your theme need improvements? Header, footer, sidebars, page schemes or something else? Give us a hint and we will help you.

Theme Demo Content Import


You just purchased a nice looking theme based on extraordinary dummy content on theme sellers site. But, on your site, everything is messed up.
We can help you with demo content import, and accelerate your start on building your site.


Nothing Above?


Contact us now, and we will discuss it

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