How to Install a WordPress Plugin

May 12, 2016

There is three main methods to install WordPress plugin: installing a WordPress plugin using search through admin area, uploading a WordPress plugin, and manually installing a WordPress plugin using FTP.


Search and install plugin from WordPress dashboard

WordPress dashboard is one of the easiest ways to search, find and install WordPress plugin. If you know the name of the plugin, you can directly search from the dashboard and install it.


You will see picture similar to this:

install_pl01Find the plugin by typing the plugin name or the functionality you are looking for. You will see a lot of listings as a result of your search. After you found what you are looking for, click INSTALL NOW.


install_pl02Now, you can ACTIVATE PLUGIN and that’s it.


Install previously downloaded WordPress plugin

If you ever downloaded WP plugin from 3rd party sites, this is the method you will use to install your plugin. File you are uploading MUST BE in .zip format.


If you look at first picture of this article, you will see UPLOAD PLUGIN button. By clicking there you will be allowed to upload .zip file containing plugin.

install_pl03Once installed, you need to click on the Activate Plugin link to start using the plugin.


Manually Install a WordPress Plugin using FTP

This is another method that is very useful when your WordPress hosting provider may have file restrictions that could limit your ability to install a plugin from the admin area. You simply download the WP plugin from WordPress plugin library, unzip it and upload it to your WordPress plugin library using FTP software or cPanel. Once you are in File Manager, upload plugin directory in wp-content/plugins. In this folder you will also see all plugins installed.


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